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Today, the Ampleforth project is releasing version 2 of its Geyser liquidity mining program. This release builds on the lessons learned over the past year of liquidity mining.

The first version of Geyser marked a turning point for the Ampleforth project and placed it at the top of the uniswap liquidity charts throughout defi summer 2020. V1’s innovation above existing liquidity mining programs included the introduction of reward multipliers and support for rebasing tokens.

I joined the Ampleforth community around the time Geyser V1 was released. The idea of having a unit of account which acts independently of the underlying ownership distribution is what got me hooked. …

What are NFTs

From the Middle Ages through to the Renaissance era artists were often thought of as mere laborers as they did work with their hands similar to carpenters and blacksmiths. During the Renaissance artists rebelled against this distinction wishing instead to be considered innovators, creators, and philosophers. Centuries later art was mainly made to order whereby someone wealthy enough specified their vision, signed a contract with the artist and the artist made it happen — hence forgery was not really the topic of the day back then.

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In previous articles we’ve covered how utilizes Flashbots tech to protect users from miner extractable value (MEV). In this article, we are going to walk you through using mistX and its unique features. After that we will explain what actually goes on behind the scenes of a typical mistX transaction by exploring the block and then diving deeper into the transaction. allows users to trade pairs from Uniswap V2 and Sushiswap liquidity pools. mistX is a FlashDEX that protects users from sandwiched transactions. Other liquidity pools will be added in the future. …

*** Alchemists have written this piece to highlight the differences between a Crucible and the Aludel reward programs and answer some pressing questions from the community. ***

Earlier this week we launched both a new Aludel rewards program and an updated UI for Crucible. Many of our alchemists are quite familiar with the Crucible as it was, how it worked, and the range of functionalities it provided. The updated UI introduces further use cases of the Crucible.

Let us first remind ourselves of what a Crucible is and what Aludel reward programs are:

A Crucible is an ERC-721 NFT (Non-Fungible…

If you have been following us on Twitter over the last weeks, you would have been aware of one of our latest releases: gives users insight into the number of Sandwich attacks they‘ve encountered while trading with cryptocurrencies, and the possible loss by doing so. enables users to directly see the impact that sandwich-attackers have on them, and thus the whole ecosystem. For users that are reading this and are asking “but what is a Sandwich attack?”; a sandwich-attack is when a transaction is both front- and back run, with the user sandwiched in between (hence a…

As many of you are already aware, our Alchemists have been working hard on brewing a new Aludel Pool.
The new pool is now open for subscription at and all future inflation rewards will now be deposited into it. The first of these deposits will enter the pool on the 7th of July.

Subscribe to Aludel v1.5

If you have been following the crucible experiments so far then you are likely already subscribed to the old pool. Now, with the arrival of the new pool, you have the option to remain in the old pool or subscribe to Aludel…

In our last article we explored how mistX, using flashbots, bypasses placing transaction information into the Ethereum mempool and allows for private, priority transactions. In this article we will explore: MEV, what has been happening in the Ethereum mempool, why it is referred to as the Dark Forest and how this affects traders.

Defining MEV and the Actors involved

Miner extractable value (MEV) is a measure of the total value or profit available for extraction. MEV can be extracted permissionlessly by privileged protocol actors from the reordering, inclusion, or censoring of transactions within a block being produced on a blockchain…

The early alchemists noted in their largely cryptic manuscripts that in order to demonstrate the evolution of the Universe in a single lab experiment several secret ingredients would be required, mixing these chemicals in a specific fashion would open a gateway to the fountain of truth. Recently one of these ingredients was discovered and made available to the public — — an exchange built on Flashbots technology.

Flashbots is a research and development organization dedicated to bringing awareness to the current MEV crisis and finding solutions. One of the projects that Flashbots has launched puts a direct spotlight onto…

Alchemist is pleased to announce the launch of!

With the DeFi space exploding and the MEV crisis in full swing, it has never been more relevant to have a convenient way to spot whether or not you’ve been subject to front-running and sandwiched trade attacks. delivers exactly that; Classy, polished, and digitally tasty, serves a delectable menu of information for the aspiring Alchemists in our community.

So what is the MEV crisis?

When making a swap/transaction on the block-chain there is a slight delay between the timing of the transaction information being broadcast to the network and when it is actually processed, or…

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard the news about Alchemist’s very own FlashDEX which we launched on the 26th of May. In the last 20 days, mistX has grown to over 60% of the Total Swap Shares occurring on Flash DEXes (Dune analytics dashboard).

We would like to to highlight the unique and powerful features of mistX — an intrinsic part of the Alchemist ecosystem.

The technology underlying the platform uses Flashbots and does not publish user transactions to a public mempool, hiding them from frontrunners. …


The only plan is there is no plan.

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