Alchemist Products Bi-Weekly Update 1/11/2021

In order to better communicate the progress of each Alchemist product we are commencing bi-weekly updates from each of our product teams.

The updates for each team are detailed below:


  • NFT Artwork has been in internal testing for a little while now and is about to enter its last round of testing and final improvements before release.
  • Launched Olympus DAO & EcoFi reward programs.
  • Implemented a new reward program listing and search (within Your Crucibles -> Rewards). As our listings are growing we’ve designed this with growth in mind. It contains a quick section for programs you are already subscribed to (inc expired), and a listing of all active maintainers and their programs. Expired programs can be found by using the search feature if needed.
  • Crucible minting dates are now accurate to the true mint date of the crucible, whether a crucible has been transferred or not.
  • New approach for token USD values — Coingecko is now used as a source of value, this allows us to support more projects without having to build support for each DEX. This rework also helped fix an intermittent issue causing incorrect values displayed for AMPL tokens.
  • Gas limits manually overridden for Minting & Subscribing as Metamask has been doing a bad job at staking/minting gas calculations recently and a lot of users have lost their gas through failed transactions.
  • Implemented our own token blacklist database; users who have any phishing token will see a warning prompt that the token is malicious when they try to interact with it. The user can still decide if they want to proceed. A red tag will display next to the token name on the Asset Management page.
  • We’re now removing any website data from the transaction revert messages. The revert data was abused by phishing tokens in order to direct users to their site to be exploited.
  • Governance is now available for other projects — MASQ is first to list with us.
  • Contract addresses are now linked to for better transparency to users, shows the pool address and the aludel contract address for every program.
  • Countdown to new reward program launch so we can now list programs in advance.
  • APY Calculations for all reward programs now — a sophisticated calculation which caters for all elements of the program — the APY adjusts based on participation and funds in the pool.
  • Flashbots RPC detection for claiming from Aludel v1 — Users can now unsubscribe using ledger+Metamask on Aludel v1 by just using the Flashbots Protect RPC.
  • Reward programs expiry timestamp is now automated by the maintainers funding durations — If a program gets additional funding by a project, the program will automatically extend for the release duration of the funding.


  • Fixed some RPC issues where transactions were getting “stuck” in MetaMask.
  • Exposed an endpoint so users can see the status of their tx while it is pending in the RPC.
  • Fixed some issues with the base fee on mistX that was causing tx failures.
  • mistX v2 is well underway. There was a huge focus these past weeks to implement the designs from Rit. We are almost to a point where we can start integrating the swap functionality.
  • Made some major improvements to the mistX BE in regards to rewards and tx success rates.
  • Third party integrations with partners.


  • Copper L2 Scaling — Progress on integration nearing completion. Working with a partner for a November launch.
  • Copper smart contract work for reducing auction creation complexity.
  • Balancer 80/20 Core vote within Alchemist community and Balancer BAL rewards proposal vote for Crucible rewards post Copper launch.
  • Auction Discovery — Working through designs and architecture for new auction discovery mechanism.
  • Solution around The Graph being down for data indexing.
  • Auction creation and swap component optimisations.
  • Marketing — Web optimisations. Workshop for B2B value proposition and brochure. Analytics. Typeform contact form. Community survey analysis.

The only plan is there is no plan.