Copper Auction Lists Announcement

It’s been an important few weeks at Copper HQ. We’ve been asking ourselves and our users some important questions. Given that we’re a permissionless token launch platform, how do we both empower users to discover new launches, while also minimizing the potential harm to them from bad actors?

We believe we’ve found a solution that strikes the right balance.

Wen list you ask?

Now. The auction list is back. But, the way new auctions will be presented will change to encourage users to undertake further independent research when considering buying into a launch.

Auction list page:

The Unvetted List

One of Copper’s goals when it comes to discovering new token launches is reducing information asymmetry. Therefore we are bringing back the ability to view all auctions on the platform through a single list. However, this auction list will be marked as “Unvetted” to make it clear that the Copper team has neither curated nor vetted the auctions in any form and leaves that responsibility with our users.

Additionally, the list will only be viewable after users confirm that they understand the involved risks. We strongly encourage users accessing auctions through this list to do their own in-depth research. We have added additional warnings to the UI to reaffirm this important point.

Curated lists

It’s of the utmost importance that the Copper team does not individually curate projects, otherwise we wouldn’t be permissionless and neutral.

Therefore we have created a solution to allow 3rd parties to curate auctions into lists according to their own standards. We believe this discovery feature will lead to greater opportunity, transparency and trust. Curators might specialize in curating DeFi projects, or launches with no VC pre-sales, or focus on other unique characteristics. The possibilities are endless.

Copper doesn’t have any say over the parameters which a 3rd party uses to qualify a project for curation, but to supplement this filtering we still strongly encourage users to continue to do their own research and to understand the conditions that each curator undertakes to select the auctions for their list.

For this initial release of the feature, to become a curator you will need to be set up via the Copper team. But over time, the opportunity will become accessible to all without the need for support from us. We will provide further details on the steps to become a curator when the feature is fully released.

To kick things off we want to welcome on board our first curator, @BalancerIntern, an active member of the Balancer community with a keen interest in researching LBP launches on Copper. @BalancerIntern has already started independently curating auctions through his own initiative on and so hosting his curated list on Copper seems only right.

We believe curated auctions is the best path forward for surfacing quality token launches for our users and can’t wait to see how our community will put it to use.

Changes to Copper’s brand positioning

We are excited to announce that Copper will soon be adding new ways for users to participate in auctions on our website. In light of these changes, we see the need to generalize the naming behind our token launch experience and broaden it to be more all-encompassing. ‘Fair Launch Auctions’ will now become ‘Token Launch Auctions’, with the fair launch price discovery mechanism being just one of the many features our platform will offer.

If you would like to join in the discussion on these subjects and help Copper grow, please join us on the Alchemist discord and share your thoughts in the Copper channels.

The only plan is there is no plan.