Integrating Flashbots into your dApp and wallet just got a lot easier

Our goal at mistX? Democratize access to Flashbots

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What is Flashbots and how do my transactions benefit from Flashbots?

Flashbots is a research and development organization focused on MEV. They’ve created the Flashbots Auction, a private communication channel between miners and users, that has been adopted by a majority of Ethereum’s hashrate. By using Flashbots’ software you can have your transaction sent directly to miners, thus skipping the public mempool and hungry sandwich bots.

  • No cost for failed transactions: if your trade will revert then miners won’t include it on-chain
  • Inclusion at the top of blocks: transactions sent via Flashbots are included at the top of blocks, giving you priority

Flashbots Protect API

Built in collaboration with the mistX team

  1. When users interact with your dApp their transactions are sent to the Flashbots Protect API
  2. A backend service receives the transaction and repeatedly submits it to the Flashbots Relay, where it is forwarded directly to miners. The transaction is submitted to each new block to maximize the chances of inclusion.
  3. Your dApp receives notifications on the transaction status that you can display to users.
  • High reputation: hundreds of transactions have successfully been sent through the backend service behind the Flashbots Protect API, which means we have a high reputation signing key
  • Simulation: in-house simulation is performed prior to submission to Flashbots to ensure a high delivery rate and maximize reputation

Flashbots Protect RPC

powered by the Flashbots Protect API

  1. Trade as usual on your preferred DEX (Uniswap, Sushiswap and others), or submit any other type of transaction
  2. Once you execute the transaction it will be sent to the Flashbots Protect RPC endpoint
  3. The Flashbots Protect RPC endpoint validates your transaction and forwards it to the Flashbots Protect API
  4. Each block the Flashbots Protect API sends your transaction to the Flashbots network, where it is sent directly to miners.
  5. After your transaction is included on-chain then it will show as a success as it does usually on your DEX and Wallet.

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